How to arrange a long balcony?


Arranging a long balcony can be difficult, as the space between railing and wall is narrow. Setting up the furniture can be problematic, because we have to leave some space to walk freely. There are also some other difficulties, which we will discuss below and give you some tips on balcony arrangement.

Plants should be grown in flower pots which can be hanged on the railing or on the balcony roof – this way we will save the floor space. Furthermore, we can set up some backless benches or boxes just beside the railing and cover them with pillows – this way we gain comfortable, soft sitting space. Another good idea for furniture is a narrow chair and long table. As for the lighting, you can invest in hanging lamps, floor-mounted halogens or small lamps installed on the railing.

brown rattan furniture on balcony

Photo by Phil! Gold


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