Garden full of flowers on a balcony – it is indeed possible!


We usually associate gardens with open space, lawn, and flower discounts, trees and shrubs, and yet they are only one of many possibilities. A garden can be any place where we will grow plants – we can put them at home, on the windowsill, on a balcony or terrace.

Conditions on the balcony – sometimes sunny, at times there’s a shadow

When choosing flowers on a balcony or terrace, we cannot be guided only by the appearance of plants and our preferences. First of all, we have to take into account the conditions that prevail on our balcony and the time we can devote to the cultivation of plants. Not all plants feel well in full sun, some like partial shade or heat.

Plants will be less of the sun lovers if they have flourished on a shaded balcony – facing north, and the plants that like shade will get burnt by the intense sun on the balcony of the south. It is worth to choose plants that will flower as long as possible, preferably from spring to autumn. In the garden stores, there is a huge selection of seeds and seedlings, therefore surely everyone will find something for themselves.

What plants can be planted in pots on the balcony?

You can enjoy virtually all of the plants – perennial plants, herbs, flowers, annuals, as well as conifers, evergreen shrubs and vegetables. If we choose a sufficiently large and robust flower pots and window boxes, the plants will be well looked after, thus being healthy and beautiful, remaining in this condition for many years.

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beauty flower pots on balcony

Photo by David Ohmer


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