What kind of furniture to choose for the garden?


Garden furniture is made from wood, willow, metals, and plastics, combined with a number of different materials.

Wooden furniture

It is produced from domestic wood – pine and spruce, but also of oak, hornbeam, beech, poplar, alder or black locust (incorrectly called ‘acacia’). More expensive furniture made from more durable exotic wood, would be eucalyptus or teak. Teak is almost as hard as oak, and contains a lot of oily substances and silicic acid, and therefore does not absorb water, it is resistant to chemical compounds (e.g., detergents), and insects. Wooden furniture should be stored in a dry place and once every few years repainted or varnished. Wooden furniture of exotic species does not require these treatments and can be left outside for the winter.

Wicker furniture and rattan

They are combined often with glass, wood or metal. Rattan furniture is best to set the roof or other shady place, because the influence of the sun, they quickly wear out (though not affected by water or frost). In the winter, wicker furniture can be easily moved into the house, but they should not be placed close to sources of heat, because otherwise the cover will eventually become brittle.

Metal furniture

Metals are among the most durable and resistant to destruction. In addition, this furniture is cold, therefore it is often covered with cosy cushions, and this also solves the problem of excessive heating in the sun. Metal garden furniture is weather resistant, but nevertheless, all the steel parts shall be protected against moisture – powder coated, oxidized, zinc plated, chrome plated or coated with plastic.

Man-made furniture

They can be very stable – Therefore check yourself whether the seat can withstand heavy load. Plastic furniture cannot be placed close to a heat source however, – and neither to the terraced fireplace or near a hot grill garden, because high heat can deform. Plastics can discolour with time and lose its lustre, are not susceptible to scratches; however hot dishes, electric heaters and candles (amongst others) may be put on the plastic surface.

Furniture from synthetic materials that imitate natural materials

They are mainly made of the hularo fibre or technoratan materials. They strongly resemble natural materials: wicker, rattan, stone. You can leave them outside for the winter and do not have to maintain anything: just wash them with water and detergents, nothing else!

wonderful rattan garden furniture

Photo by Wicker Paradise



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