Rattan and Wicker Furniture – not only in the garden


Rattan and wicker furniture along with other weaved wood items, often guest on our terraces for years. However, it should be no surprise that the unique charm of the wicker furniture and accessories made of rattan, bamboo or cane make them extremely appealing, therefore we always tend to put them in our homes and apartments.

Furniture made from woven rattan or wicker has many advantages. The biggest advantages are low price, high resistance to damage and hundreds of arrangement possibilities. Wicker furniture will prove itself to be fully ecological as well (seen as both rattan and wicker are fully organically and easily renewable materials). A rattan furniture in a Mediterranean and Maritime style, will be presented as a great complement to the classic arrangement, or perhaps being a contrast to the modern style. In addition, you should bear in mind that the undeniably charming light can be scattered from the wicker lamp shade – a beautiful effect during the long autumn and winter evenings!

Natural rattan color fits perfectly with both the neutral meringue, or perhaps white and black – in the latter version looking extremely elegant. Regardless of the style, it is highly recommended to reach for the natural materials – which is why we present items made out of rattan and wicker, thus perfectly matching all interiors.

elegant rattan furniture

Photo by Wicker Paradise



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